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So here is the ugly truth about sales people. Some are lazy and some will do the bare minimum. Once they see they can get away with things they start to push the boundaries. Only the few go-getters strive to perform. I once read that there were two kinds of motivation – towards and away from – In sales language that means towards people are motivated by success, bigger salaries, recognition, etc and away from's are motivated by keeping their job, getting a salary, not getting into trouble, and so on. 

I realise there are some in-between and it’s more complicated than that. So if your sales team is full of go getters, then read no further. However, if your team is made up of sales people that constantly need supervision or you have high staff turnover and you are constantly training and motivating then read on.

Unless you are extremely gifted in the art of the sale, the other 90% of us have to rely on hard work to be successful. They key to being a good sales person is:

1. Hard work (sorry but no other way)

a. Prospecting, pitching, follow-up, closing, repeat, repeat, repeat

2. Product knowledge

3. Following procedures as set by the company based on previous success and failures

4. Support from the company

a. Great products, great service, marketing support and a slick admin and CRM system

Most business don’t have a HR department filled with sales training manuals and operations manual and procedure documents. So how can you easily train your sales staff so that they learn best practices, procedures and company policy? I say make them teach themselves. And here is how:

Create an online web based exam that covers everything you want your team to know. Then make them take the exam over and over again until they get 100% pass. If you want them to learn that all sales orders need to have a VAT number in it, them make it part of the exam. And if they get the question wrong, make them repeat the question until they work it out for themselves. Now how do you get them to remember the info? Make them repeat the exam every 3 or 6 months (or as often as you like)

This is also a great tool for new hires. Make the new hires take the exam after their first week. Measure their results and make them take the exam until they get to a selected pass rate.

Use multiple choice answers with the detailed correct answer as one of the choices and they will eventually get it.

Then of course you have a table ranking available online so everyone can see who is at the bottom and who is at the top. Now who would see themselves at the bottom of the ladder and not immediately go and do the test again to increase their correct answers?

Yes, train like hamsters learning a maze. Smarter than hamsters but similar learning.

There are many eLearning companies out there that can assist you in creating the material, consulting and creation. is one that has had great success.

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