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Do you want to know how big your market is? Where you fit compared to competition? and who they are? What you lack?

“If you had qualified appointments set up, would you make more sales? What would you love to know about your target market? What would you love to know about your current clients? What would you love to know about your competitors?”

Eseka Research is aimed at identifying the gap in the market to present your services. Through questions tailored to your brand and databases targeted to your industry prospects, we acquire information and use it to enhance our processes at an ongoing rate. Our research is up-to-date and focuses on core organisational issues.

Our outbound prospecting metrics begin with a high level of research into the market, and through this we are able to gain an understanding into where the need for your solution lies. The research samples are industry-specific and focus on identifying problems that prospects face. In this way, we are able to promote your product as a solution to these identified issues. Our research questions create a focal point around how your solution can eliminate the problems.

The research phase of our sales process is followed by the action phase, which is two-tiered:

  • Eseka uses the research findings and samples to create marketing collateral in the form of articles, which are used not only to educate the market on the problem-solution, but also to send to the sample as a follow up
  • We then begin with the appointment setting process, whereby we contact the database of prospects individually and begin to make appointments for you to attend and close the deal.

Research in sales is a process that is often ignored, however through our research, Eseka has managed to identify gaps in the market, as well as an aid to qualifying prospects who are interested and in need of a solution like yours. It is the first phase of the process, and a very important one.

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