At Eseka, we begin our process with the written collateral to send to prospects as well as press offices, which can be in the form of press releases, case studies and success stories, third party testimonials and Q&As. This marketing collateral serves to keep your brand top-of-mind and will keep you ahead of the competition.

The importance of PR
Public Relations is a function that many businesses ignore, to their own peril. Trust and brand loyalty start with public perception of that brand, and the only way to enhance or spotlight this is through strong marketing collateral, which Eseka’s specialists are trained and proficient in. This collateral includes:

Client testimonials from your existing customer base speak volumes to the quality and strength of your product or services. Testimonials are the new age word-of-mouth technique where success stories are shared from a current client to a prospective one – this widening your reach.

Press releases
Press releases are articles that focus on a newsworthy aspect of feature of your business. They should always be sent to press offices, online magazine and blogs so be shared with publications that need industry news.

Question and answer documents allow your potential clients to access frequently asked questions about your brand which can answer some of the queries they may have before they decide to purchase. They also position your company as a knowledge source.

Case studies
Case studies have the same benefit of testimonials in that they highlight the quality of your offering, with the difference that your company has control over what is shared within the study. They are success stories about your brand and are tailored to include a common industry-related problem and how your service has helped solve it.

All of these combined form Eseka’s marketing collateral plan, and help us manage reputations, give companies the publicity they seek and spread the favourable word to the market.

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